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SCAMMERS MILITARY there -not military mission profile on social networks military do profiles on social network when in Afghanistan mission, Syrian offshore or any other care mission are fake profiles of Nigerians use photo and […]

Gen. Andrew Leslie
Military Scammer

Military Scammer: LT. GEN. ANDREW LESLIE

Fake-Accounts With Stolen Images From LT. GEN. ANDREW LESLIE Disclaimer: рlеаѕе understand thаt уоu аrе NOT lооkіng аt thе pictures оf people whо аrе асtuаllу scamming you! Thе people portrayed оn thеѕе photos аrе innocent men […]


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Scammers Dating And Romance

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Scam romance is a form of cheating or stealing by fraudulent, using tools from the internet, such as dating websites or emails. Have a method that uses images stolen from other people and false stories [...]